When I came up with the idea for the Saga of The Wolf series, not only did I want to tell the story of a remarkable young man’s journey, but I also wanted to tie the title to Treace’s world at that time (however small or large that would be). Relatively speaking, of course. I wanted the books to grow as Treace grows. What’s that mean? Let me try to explain without spoiling much for those that haven’t read the books.
In the first book, Treace is quite young and his knowledge of the outside world was very limited. He only knew his little slice of the pie. It expanded slightly with Jensen and Exodin, but still, he knew little else of the outside world. In essence, his world was Lake City. He was calm, his life was calm. Even the outside world was calm, for the most part. He moved to Kilindric then Haven, but his scope of the world really hadn’t changed much. He replaced one small community for another. He learned Path of The Calm.
In Tears, Treace experienced much more of the world than he previously had, not only geographically, but emotionally as well. Things didn’t necessarily work out the way he intended. He, and the other characters, experienced pain and loss like they’ve never experienced before. Without any fanfare, he learned Path of Tears. The world around them was changing and in turmoil. Nothing was calm anymore.
Why am I telling you this?
I want you to understand. I want to prepare you.
Path of Fire is the most dangerous magic the brothers know. It is the opposite of calm. It is anger.
Think about how Path of Fire will affect Treace and the world around him.
I’ll let that simmer for a while. At least until Path of Fire is released later this year.