Path of The Calm - Ebook2

The young world of Onneron has known peace for years. But now unease has spread across the land as disagreements between factions threaten each other’s way of life.

The Brothers of the Onneron College dedicate themselves to higher learning and to mastering Paths of magic. They wish to remain independent, but the Onneron Church feels threatened by their ability to heal and vies to take control of their order.

Treace, bullied and belittled, is unaware of the plan his deceased father has for him. A mentor sets him upon a path to join the prestigious College. Even if he is accepted, the tides of change are coming.

To Treace it’s not about where we end up, it’s the Paths we take to get there that matters.

Path of The Calm is the first book in the epic series Saga of The Wolf that follows Treace as he grows into a young man. It explores the bonds of friendship, deception, life lessons, love, swordplay, and magic.

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Path of The Calm - Ebook2

Onneron is no longer at peace. Preparations for war have begun.
There are rifts within the College and the Church. Both factions need to adapt to the ever-changing world and find their new place within it.

Treace is sent into enemy territory to find the key to unlocking more powerful magic that could help save thousands of lives.

But he isn’t the only one looking for the key.

New friends and enemies alike will emerge that will test Treace’s courage, skill, determination, and loyalty. As events unfold, Treace will be forced to make decisions that place his life, and those of the people he cares about, at stake.

The Saga of The Wolf continues with the second book in the epic series, Path of Tears.

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Path of Fire - Ebook3

After returning home to Lake City for a family emergency, Treace confronts an old foe. Events spiral out of control and a murderer goes on the loose.

Haven prepares for the inevitable war by building defenses and training those that are ready to fight. Even with those fortifications and Treace’s new found powerful magic it might not be enough.

Old enemies return, but one may turn out to be a friend. Even so, can they truly be trusted or will they betray the folk of Haven to the self-proclaimed King?

As the losses stack up and with the outcome of the war hanging in the balance, Treace will have to confront his nemesis, Disdane; the only man to have beaten him in single combat. Is Treace up to the task or will he fall, yet again, to the powerful man?

The epic adventure continues with the third book in the Saga of The Wolf series, Path of Fire.

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